A Time to Learn & Grow 

 All of my life I’ve heard that you are never get to old to learn. That is such a true statement.  So, I have been soapmaking for more than 4 years now.  It has grown way past the hobby stage and I have built a promising business and a regular customer base. But, I didn’t have real direction or plan for its future and I was spinning my wheels and standing still in some areas.  So began on a mission that started December 2016, to learn what I may have missed on my Self-taught path to a soapmaking business.  Well this month, I followed through on promises I made to myself.  I packed up, left home, and travelled 11 hours to Virginia. This video is my first day of a week long, one on one session with a professional who helped me fill in some blanks.  I learned so much while there, I was able to come back home and put what I learned into practice. It really opened my mind to new ideas. 

 It seems to be the right time to Learn & Grow. 

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