Hot, Hot Summer… Shipping of Whipped Body Buttters, Gone Wrong!

This year has been very busy with online orders and shipping. We are very grateful for the increase in our business. But it seems with every good thing comes some challenges. 

I’ve had a couple of customer to receive their Shea Butter or Whipped Body Products melted or evaporated (less than full).  This is due to the excessive summer heat.  Not knowing quite how to remedy this problem, I had to search to see how others handled it.  Thank goodness, I found the answer; in fact there were multiple solutions. 

  • Adding more to the packaging, like dry ice, is an option, but would also add another cost to the customer.
  • Adding more hardening ingredients to the product itself is another option. But this would also add more to the cost and would create a harder butter therefore increasing the melt-ability to your skin.
  • We could stop shipping our butters during the summer months.

Below are some articles on the same subject.  Help us decide which option would work best in your opinion.


Thanks to both these bloggers for this helpful information.

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