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Necessity is the mother of all creation…

My allergic, irritated skin would burn and itch from my own sweat. I had dark and light pigmentation on my face, back, and chest. I spent so much time and money using products that didn’t work and the list of risks was lengthy and terrifying!

One day, the thought came to me to use oils of the bible for bathing. At the time it left me puzzled, because it seemed irrelevant; but there my journey began.

Since that day, I have researched all the oils of the bible. I have gardened since I was a child, and decided to expand my garden to include useful herbs. I purchased many essential oils I read about, still not truly knowing where this was all going. I wasn’t great at mixing oils or making soap, but I learned and made a hobby of it. I started using my own handmade products with great success!

I would later learn that my niece and grandson also had allergies and sensitivities to over-the-counter skin products. From that point forward, I would intentionally create the best products I could: I wanted to share the benefits of natural soaps and skin care products with people who could be helped like myself, my niece and my grandson.

It’s such a wonderful feeling, several years later, to make these products as I was inspired to do! Watching my garden spring into abundance keeps me motivated, and helping those who struggle with their skin keeps me humble.

Our home based operation is in Athens, GA.  Please visit us at the West Broad Farmers Market every Saturday from 9am to 1pm. You can also order online.

Also visit us on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram @chaliseshi

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