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zcamera-20160621_205613Garden Grown Loofah – Order to Reserve Yours Now!
Natural, Organic, Vegan and Homegrown!

We are so excited about the upcoming Loofah Harvest!  Here is some helpful information about Loofah’s use and care.

What better to use on your natural body than all natural homemade soap applied with a homegrown all-natural Loofah?! This product is currently growing – we expect to harvest between August – October!

Use our Garden grown Loofah to apply soap and exfoliate your skin! Using natural Loofah helps to remove dead skin, leaving the skin beneath to look soft and vibrant.

Luffa is a genus of tropical and subtropical vines in the cucumber (Cucurbitaceae) family. Other common spellings are: Luffa, Luffah, Loofah.

In everyday non-technical usage, the luffa, also spelled loofah, usually means the fruit of the two species L. aegyptiaca and L. acutangula which are common in China and Vietnam. The fruit of these species is cultivated and eaten as a vegetable, or, when fully ripened, the fibrous fruit can serve as a scrubbing sponge. Luffa are not frost-hardy, and require 150 to 200 warm days to mature.

Loofah Care

How to Disinfect & Clean your Loofah Sponge

Loofah should be kept dry to prevent the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria. After each use, it is best to let them completely dry. You can use one of the following methods below to occasionally disinfect the sponge:

A solution of ¼ cup of hydrogen peroxide + ¼ cup of water. This will also re-bleach the sponge if it becomes discolored from use.

A solution of a few drops of Tea Tree Oil + a cup of warm water. Tea Tree oil is a very effective germicide and has been proven to inhibit up to 60 strains of bacteria, including S.Aureus. This will also eliminate any odor on your sponge.

A solution of 1Tbsp. apple cider or white vinegar + 1 cup of warm water.

A solution of 1 Tbsp. baking soda + one cup of warm water.

A solution of 1 Tsp. Colloidal Silver + 1 cup of warm water. There is no pathogenic organism known that is not killed by Colloidal Silver in 6 minutes or less.

Harvest 2015

Things NOT to do to a Loofah Sponge:

Do not use strong bleach on a natural sponge as it will weaken its structure and over time will cause it to deteriorate.

Do not microwave or dry in a clothes dryer. This will shrink & harden the sponge.

Please order to RESERVE YOURS NOW!

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Chalises HI Garden Lemon Balmimage

Lemon Balm, not a common backyard herb, has been been growing in my backyard for several years now. I was not always so sure of it uses and benefits. Today, I’m happy to share what I discovered about Lemon Balm thanks to the trusted @nerdyfarmwife and @AnnMarie!

Lemon Balm will be a great addition to Chalises Hair products for starters as it is beneficial for oily hair types. I can’t wait to brew up a tea for a relaxing nights sleep.

Stay tuned for more knowledge on a variety of topics. As I learn, I will share and we will grown in knowledge together.


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I have been inspired since I was a young girl, raised in Cleveland, Ohio, to grow a garden and watch vegetables,  plants and trees become food on our tables.  No, I wasn’t raised on a farm, but evidently my bloodline of family farmers runs deep within me.  It was and still is so amazing to see the products of dirt mixed with seed, and of course the sunshine and rain .  All we need for life can be found in the dirt.  I know that it is a miracle of life that we take for granted.  

Today, not only do I garden for manna, but also for use in my homemade soaps, lotions, hair and skin products.  Vegetables and Herbs are an excellent and natural way to keep your internal and external body healthy.

Chalises Heavenly Inspired by Adrienne

Tell me about your garden; show me your favorite herbs! Share with me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram @chaliseshi.

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