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African Black Soap “Not Just For Black People”

African Black Soap “Not Just For Black People”
So one day at the West Broad Farmer Market, where I display my natural products, I encountered a non-African American man very engaged in my African Black Soap. He said to me “is this just for black people, cause it says African Black Soap? Does that mean I can’t use it? How does it work?
I was so glad he asked because it reminded me that so much can be implied by a name. In this business, there is a constant need to be creative when naming our products.
So…how African Black Soap works;
“African” Black Soap indicates its origin. It’s said to be the first soap used on newborns, followed with African Shea Butter. African Black Soap is very cleansing and could make you feel dry after use.
The Shea Butter is the BEST for moisturizing and is very beneficial for the skin. The combination can literally help with many skin issues and irritations. We usually suggest them both for minor skin irritations, pimples, acne, and always for eczema as a first step to healing.
African Black Soap is very useful for any skin type

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