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Chalises Organics (Sea Moss)

All things Sea Moss

From the Raw Irish Sea Moss to Sea Moss Skincare. You’ll find it to be good to your body inside and out. 

Sea Moss provides so many nutrients for internal body care and extensive skin, hair and nail care that everyone can find great use for it.  With 92 of the 102 minerals or body needs daily its it a Super Food. And because it's basically tasteless, it can easily be added to any food or beverage. 

Check out the versatility of our products.

We offer Sea Moss Gels, Sea Moss  Capsules, Sea Moss Gummies, and our popular Sea Moss Immunity Boost "Spicy Ginger and Pineapple Immunity Booster".

Sea Moss Gels are made fresh and are also frozen in vacuum sealed bags or freezer pouches for longer life and shipping. 

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7-14 Day Shipping Worldwide! Free Shipping in the US.

Natural Ingredients

Every Product Is Homemade With The Purest Ingredients

24/7 Customer Support

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