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Intimate Care/Yoni Care Hygiene

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Intimate Care/Yoni Care Hygiene


Yoni Moisture Oil Blend; (My Sacred)

Get the perfect blend of oils for your yoni health


This natural oil blend is the perfect solution for keeping your yoni healthy and moisturized. The ingredients are all 100% natural, and they work together to provide a host of benefits. If you're struggling with vaginal dryness, discomfort, or other issues, the Yoni Moisture Oil Blend is a great way to find relief. This natural and effective blend of oils can help improve your vaginal health and self-care routine, so you can feel your best.

Key Benefits 


✓ Moisturise & soothe itch: This oil is perfect for women of all ages who are experiencing dryness, itchiness, or pain. 

 ✓ Yoni Pain relief: Made with a blend of essential oils, yoni oil is a natural way to soothe your body and ease discomfort. Apply a small amount of yoni oil to the affected area and massage gently. You'll start to feel relief in no time!


✓ Lots of Benefits: This oil blend is perfect for daily vaginal health and self care. It helps to keep the vagina moist, supple, and healthy. 


✓Made with essential ingredients:  Castile soap helps to cleanse and disinfect, glycerine helps to retain moisture, and essential oils provide antibacterial and antifungal properties. The olive, jojoba, and sweet almond oils help to nourish and protect the delicate skin in this area.

Don't let dryness, itchiness, or pain ruin your day. Try our yoni moisture oil blend today and feel the difference!

Yoni Steaming has many benefits. The blending of different herbs can help with many specific female issues
Steamer Herbs may include:

Lavender - can promote restful sleep. Soothes stomach. Inflame passions.

Holy basil - "Queen of Herbs"


Yarrow - "The Women's Herb"

Black Cohosh - Traditional Native American remedy. Can help balance mood

Motherwort - also called Healer of the Heart. Helps elevate mood. Can assist sleep.

Mugwort - 
Rosemary - Longevity


Dong Quai - "Female ginseng" & Protector of Feminine . Can help boost energy and mood. 

Red Clover - Contains isoflavones

Cornsilk - Also known as: Medicine of the Goddess

Damiana - Can increase potency and frequency of pleasure. Helps reduce dryness.

Rose Petals - Worldwide symbol of Love .

Uva Ursi

Pau D’Arc



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