Lov’n Me

  • Introducing the “Lov’n Me” Product Line. The “Lov’n Me” line is being presented by Chalises Heavenly Inspired. The “Lov’n Me” line was created especially to encourage young people, to help inspire and to remind us to Love and take care of ourselves. Its a “Smile Builder”. “Lov’n Me” will be presenting many items that we think might help accomplish this. Use to motivate and encourage.  Great gift idea!

“Lov’n Me”  items are for personal care and inspiration. Items such as; Lip Gloss, Chapstick, Lip balm. We matched those with other essentials like; Body Wash, Body Spray, Bath Bomb or Bath Powder and Hair Scrunchies, also bracelets with inspirational messages.

We think this product category is important and we are eager to share this product line with our friends, our followers and supporters.

“Lov’n Me” is the Chalises Heavenly Inspired Brand