Focus on You! Bath Bombs

Your inner state of Harmony, balance, and spiritual realization for self-healing with these all natural, organic, Agni-Charcoal and activated black charcoal bath bombs. Also contains the cleansing power of African black soap and sweet almond oil, used to gently dislodge debris from deep within skin pores and follicles, and also may help prevent future acne because of its vitamin A content. Put one of these in your Vedic bath bombs into your bath water, relax and connect with the atmosphere while cleansing your body of excess toxins.


Activated charcoal—an ingredient perhaps best-known as those black specks in our Brita water filters—has recently been showing up in everything from trendy ice cream to skincare products. Beloved for its detoxing abilities, this it-ingredient is credited with cleansing skin, whitening teeth and treating acne. To get in on the skin-clearing natural wonder, we picked up some food-grade activated coconut charcoal and put it to work in marbled soap bars and bath bombs that mean business. Our skin has never felt cleaner—or our bathrooms more luxurious.

Also, use our Ayurvedic Activated black charcoal soap. And don’t forget your Chalises homegrown loofah sponge for exfoliation.

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Did you know that many of Chalises hair products include the ingredients Dr. Axe mentions in this video!
11 Herbs & Oil Hair Growth Treatment

features Chalises Garden grown Rosemary Herbs and Rosemary Essential Oil. Rosemary along with other ingredients can help to restore, maintain, and grow healthy hair that shines with vitality with a natural, deep-working, and nourishing treatment that also stimulates the scalp to promote a healthy head of hair. Click here to see more

Chalises Aloe and Argan Conditioner

is always recommended after shampooing with the Chalises Black Soap and Flaxseed Shampoo. In between using the black soap shampoo, you may use the conditioner as a co-wash, and/or as a leave in conditioner or to set and style natural styles.

Benefits from Distilled Water, Sw. Almond Oil, Aloe Vera, JB Castor Oil, Black Seed Oil, Glycerin, Argan Oil, Shea Oil: Softens, moisturizes and detangles the hair.
Black Soap and Flaxseed Shampoo

Full of rich lather, and will give you wonderful deep cleansing shampoo experience. You will love this dual purpose black soap as it can also be used as a body wash. The ingredients help relieve dry itchy skin snd scalp from eczema, psoriasis & rashes. It cleanses the pores and rejuvenates the skin leaving your scalp and body feeling clean and fresh. Aloe & Cucumber Conditioner may be use as a co wssh in between shampoos if needed.
Blended with Flax seed gel as stimulant for hair growth; Grapeseed Oil for moisture; Aloe Vera juice for retaining moisture; Rosemary Essential Oil to help control hair loss and add thickness; Jamaican Black Castor Oil (JBCO) for moisturizing and shine; Tea Tree Oil to invigorate dry or itchy scalp/skin and eliminate dandruff; Optiphen Plus for stability. For Normal to Oily hair types; also safe for the skin.

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Chalises Twisted Sistas Hair Care

For hair growth, and general hair maintenance

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