Hair Care

Chalises Hair Care product line is made from 100% Natural ingredients. African Black Soap Shampoo, Aloe & Argan Hair Conditioner and 11 Herbs & Oil Hair Treatment Oil! A system built to help your hair, scalp, and skin!
Instructions for using Chalises Heavenly Inspired Hair Products:

Black Soap & Flaxseed Shampoo is very deep cleansing to the scalp, hair and body. Shampooing with the black soap should only be used maybe once every 3 weeks or so.
Aloe & Argan Hair Conditioner is always recommended after shampooing with the black soap. In between the black soap shampoos, you may use the conditioner as a cowash, and/or as a leave in, it works to soften and detangle the hair.

11 Herbs & Oils Hair Treatment for Growth into the scalp daily using a few random drop, not directly on the hair. Allowing the oils to penetrate your hair follicles and be absorbed into your hair. May also be used as a hot oil hair treatment.

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