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Focus on You! Bath Bombs Your inner state of Harmony, balance, and spiritual realization for self-healing with these all natural, organic, Agni-Charcoal and activated black charcoal bath bombs. Also contains the cleansing power of African black soap and sweet almond Read more…

Fellas, do you ever need to relieve aches and pains, or just to relax? Consider using a bath bomb! Why did I even make these bath bombs before knew the answer? 😏Lol

Achy, Tired, Sore Feet?? Or Dry, Crusty, Fungal Feet…? Give your feet a treat with a Foot Pedi Bomb!  Epsom Salt or Sea Salt, Magnesium, Essential Oils to soften, soothe, and help ease soreness, tension, helps reduce inflammation, and encourages healing. and Read more…

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